Pictured: Gemma Laurelle, Craig Walker, Kyla Ward, Alistair Rigg... and an I (designed by Alex Ries)

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Disclaimer:  this production is not associated with BBC Books or BBC Worldwide.  Copyright on the I is retained by the authors.

which come from the most terrible corners of the universe.
Walking nightmares too horrifying
for a sane mind to comprehend.


"So what do we do? We rip 'em off. Genius. Sheer genius."



COMING IN MID-2013  Mezzacotta Productions (the group behind "Darths & Droids" and "Irregular Webcomic"), in association with 2RRR radio in Sydney, Australia, announce the production of The I Job -- a serialized SF radio-drama by Jonathan Blum featuring the monsters from his BBC Books Doctor Who novel Seeing I.


A crime caper in space, described as "like Blake's Seven meets Ocean's Eleven", The I Job aims to offer a Doctor Whoish combination of thrills, cleverness and scariness, coupled with the humour which Mezzacotta producers David Morgan-Mar and the Comic Irregulars are known for.


With radio drama facing the axe across Australia, The I Job represents an attempt to continue independent production for both podcast and broadcast, with professional actors and production facilities.


The 90-minute story will be recorded in January, and released in podcast episodes of approximately 10-minute duration starting some time in the middle of the year, followed by broadcast in three half-hour episodes on 2RRR (and possibly other stations around Australia).  Further announcements about cast and storyline will be posted as production and post-production continue.