Half-A-Dozen Lemmings Productions

...is a small group of maniacs, mostly from the Washington DC area, who have done a number of fan-made Doctor Who stories over the years. These pages are dedicated to the fruits of our madness -- download them all here!

Time Rift

The full-length four-part seventh-Doctor story which started it all. Praised by the Friends Of Doctor Who newsletter, reviled by Doctor Who Magazine, and got its author into a professional writing career (and married to boot). NOW! The Special Edition! Coming in January to DVD and download!

The Bridge

A fifteen-minute adventure, shot to completion but never edited till now! When Allison finds herself trapped between two realities, the Doctor is her guide -- but who's waiting for her on the other side of the bridge? And what will happen to her world if she crosses it?

Fight or Fly

When we first see Ray in "Time Rift", she's running. This is what she's running from.


When something's lost to history, where does it go? When a museum outside of time comes under threat, the Doctor must face an old friend...

When Doctors Collide

So the Doctor has to stop LA from being destroyed. Piece of cake. What could possibly get in his way? Well... the Doctor. (Guest starring Rupert Booth from Timebase Productions).

Eternity Calling

The first Lemmings audio, written by Joe Medina and being produced by Neil Marsh.

The Pub With No Doors

Welcome to the afterlife, Doctor. It's a pub filled with your previous incarnations. There's no way out. And it's your round...


The leather-jacketed one is quitting, and a few of his other incarnations want to stage an intervention...

This site is dedicated to the memory of Ben Steele.

Ben Steele

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