Duck and Cover

Two Doctors.
One crisis.
Big problem.

So the Doctor wants to stop a bit of LA from being obliterated. What could possibly get in his way? Well, he could...

An instant movie shot at Gallifrey One, to commemorate Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth of Timebase Productions being on the same continent for once. Written on the plane to LA, shot in an hour and a half, roughcut in an hour!

(3 minutes, 2003)


The Making of...

One Doctor... The other Doctor.
Staredown. Zap.
The Doctors Jonathan Blum
Rupert Booth
The Girl Karen Gaddis
Narrator Andrew Shellshear
Camera Peter Fagan
Logo Danny Oz
Special Sound Neil Marsh
Editor Kate Orman
Written and Directed by Jonathan Blum