Time Rift

"Tomorrow Washington dies..."

Enter the Time Rift

Washington DC... the day before history says it was destroyed in a mysterious explosion.

The Doctor and Ace have been sent here -- to prevent it, explain it, or make sure it happens? They get involved in UNIT USA's investigation of a time rift... but other forces, from other times and other worlds, are working to their own agenda. Conspiracies within conspiracies, with the fate of the future at stake.

As the Doctor and Ace clash over what needs to be done... some rifts might be beyond repair.

(108 minutes, 1995)


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to smaller Time Rift BBC book cover

The book that never happened...
but maybe one day?

The Doctor Jonathan Blum
Ace AC Chapin
Ray Amy Steele
General Kramer Marsha Twitty
Dr. Black Itzy Friedman
Captain Walker Kevin Cherry
Timothy Hartnell David Dougherty
Eldridge Brown
Music Neil Marsh
Darrin Snider
Senior Crew Cary Gordon
Ben Steele
Kevin Cherry
Vern Roseman
Kris Kramer
Written by Jonathan Blum
AC Chapin
Amy Steele
Directed by Jonathan Blum
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