Last Updated: 11 October, 2008

Hell Freezes Over

After literally six years of waiting... twice as long as it took to make the story in the first place... Time Rift is now on DVD.

Honest. We've burnt copies and everything!

We're just holding off till after we can have a cast-and-crew premiere party in November. Episode one will be showing at Chicago TARDIS over Thanksgiving 2008; starting in January, the episodes will be available for download on this site. (The only thing we're waiting for is a few bits of music from Neil, and a couple of bits of dubbing from the cast back in the US.) At that point, the story will also be released as a two-disc DVD set, available from this site.

This is the semi-famous Director's Apology Cut of Time Rift -- about eight minutes shorter, with cleaned-up audio and remastered special effects. Features include:

Plus, on the DVD edition...

  • The famous blooper reel!
  • Deleted scenes (including some deleted especially for this edition)!
  • More bloopers!
  • A commentary!
  • A brief documentary about the assorted Lemmings projects!
  • A bonus disc with all the other Lemmings projects!
  • Bloopers for those!
  • Some bonus non-Who short films we've worked on!

Check out this article talking about everything that's been fixed up... and why it took so long! Complete with before-and-after screencaps!