The Bridge

And one day, she looked up,
and she wasn't there any more...

There's a hole in the universe, and Allison's fallen through it.

An odd man called the Doctor guides her through a strange folded-back space -- a bridge between two realities. But who's waiting for her on the other side? And how do they know her?

And what will happen to her world if she crosses it?

A long-lost Lemmings project, completely assembled from a surviving copy of the original footage!

(16 minutes, 1997)


The Making of...

Carolyn Friedman as "The Woman" Allison falling under his spell...
The old vaudeville act. A desperate decision.

Clockwise from top left: Carolyn Friedman as "The Woman"; Allison falling under the Master's spell; a desperate gamble; the old vaudeville act reunited.

The Doctor Jonathan Blum
Allison Rachel Jacobs
The Master Itzy Friedman
The Woman Carolyn Friedman
Akasha Cary Gordon
Extras Phyllis Blum
Sam Blum
Sadron Lampert
Marsha Twitty
Music Fourplay Electric
String Quartet
First Assistant Director Greg McElhatton
Key Grip Sadron Lampert
Director of Photography Cary Gordon
Written and Directed by Jonathan Blum