Fight or Fly

Amy Steele as Ray

The making of a Dalek Killer...

When we first see Rachel Lee at the start of Time Rift, she's running.

In this brief prequel, we see what she was running from, and what made her who she is.

(6 minutes, 1995)


The Making of...

Amy & Eric
Before. After.

David Woodworth

Ray Amy Steele
Eric Eric Gordon
Dalek Killers Lyn Cox
Cary Gordon
Adam Korengold
Kris Kramer
Ben Steele
David Woodworth
...and "Buffy"
Troopers Jonathan Blum
Eric Gordon
Kris Kramer
Ben Steele
David Woodworth
Camera Jonathan Blum
Cary Gordon
Props Amy Steele
Make-up Lyn Cox
David Woodworth
Music "Eternal Warrior Suite"
by Darrin Snider
Editor Cary Gordon
Written and Directed by Jonathan Blum
Amy, David & Cary Adam Korengold (with Greg McElhatton in the background) Ben Steele Lyn Cox

Ray's squad: Amy Steele, David Woodworth, Cary Gordon; Adam Korengold; Ben Steele; Lyn Cox