Eternity Calling

The "Eternity Calling" cast as Chibis

"Sculpture? That thing's a skull."

When the Doctor and Ace respond to a distress call on a barren, wind-blasted planetoid, they discover an archeological research team facing extinction as madness takes its members one by one...

As if we didn't have enough to do, Neil makes us dip our toes into yet another media format: audio. Well, hey, it was only a matter of time, right?

(7 minutes, 2002)

The Making of...

Jim, Jon and AC
Jim, Jon and AC rehearse

AC and Cary Gordon
AC and Cary Gordon relax
after recording is done.

The Doctor Jonathan Blum
Ace AC Chapin
Professor Parker Jim Vowles
Mason Sean Corcoran
Scarf Neil Marsh
Recording, Post-
Production & Music

Neil Marsh
Additional Recording Jonathan Blum &
Kate Orman
Script Editors Jonathan Blum &
AC Chapin
Written by Joe Medina
Director Neil Marsh