Bullet Hole

My first short film (I include it only for completeness’ sake) was a bit of test footage to try out my second-hand S-VHS video camera, Adobe Premiere and my new video capture card (this was in early 1999, and the video capture card was ridiculously expensive – several thousand dollars – and I only used it two or three times before I upgraded my video camera to a Sony TRV900 and had to buy a new expensive video capture card anyway. They’re both completely useless now.)

The film was called “Bullet Hole” and was simply a slow zoom on a bullet-hole shape in a piece of glass in my bedroom. I still don’t know exactly what caused the hole, except that it *could* have been a bullet hole, though there was no corresponding hole in any of the walls. Anyway, from what I recall, I did a cross-fade to curtains blowing, set to the main theme of the film “The Double Life of Veronique”. It was exciting to discover that I had all the tools to make a short film.

I later made a proper short film about the same bullet hole, also called “Bullet Hole”. That thing fascinated me, mostly because I could see it at night as I went to sleep.

Status: lost.

Once Upon a Time

I made my first proper short film – actually half an hour long – in late 1999, and showed it on my birthday in 2000. The full story is here.


The first film I made for Tropfest, based on a short story I wrote following the death of our family pet. I wrote, animated, directed, and edited. Ted Nielsen narrated.

The Cooking Show

A short film I made at a beach house in 2007 with Ev, Sara-Jane, Dave, Fiona, Jimbo and Simon. Mostly improvised by Sara-Jane. Music by Ev.

Proposal Video

I proposed to Veronica on Jan 6 2008. I made this video and arranged for it to be shown at the end of the trailers for a showing of “Into the Wild” at the Chauvel cinema – they were really nice about it, and didn’t even charge me. Von said yes, and we left the film, had some champagne (also supplied free by the cinema!), and went out for a very conversation filled dinner. It was an emotional, beautiful evening.

The music is from the Pedro Almodóvar film “Talk to Her”. The footage with the christmas lights was in Hong Kong.

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