I spend a lot of my spare time on various projects. This is an attempt to list all of the projects I’ve ever worked on. Like all my projects, it’s half-arsed and incomplete.

Current dominant projects: Secret computer game, classical guitar.

By category:

Understanding Global Climate Change

Status: There’s a morass of homework here – I’ve got a lot of reading to do, and a lot of organisation. There are quite a few people contributing opinions in the comments, so I do need to keep this section alive.

Coin Tricks

Status: I practice the muscle jump and do coin-rolling and the four-coin split a lot, but there aren’t any new tricks I’m currently interested in learning.


Status: Mostly making short films about Jade, for relatives. Still thinking about making the kidnapping drama, but it’s well and truly brain crack now.

Flying Trapeze

Status: This was really just a once-off, but it was a lot of fun. The Lindeman Island resort was also responsible for my interest in archery.


Status: Not actively practicing. I got stalled trying to get a good run of 5 balls, and have never gotten through that hurdle.


Status: Currently bricking against Lotus, in an on-again, off-again kind of way.

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