Support Day

May 15th 2002 -

So, I have to go in to work next Friday to support Raman in Hong Kong, and I’ve agreed to do small amounts of support throughout the rest of the week – emails and the odd phone call, in lieu of a full day’s work. Raman has promised not to make it strenuous. And that’s it – end of my work sojurne. I can spend all that lovely money on some kind of toy. Although, I just had to put my tax return in, which means that the loan is finally catching up with me, just when interest rates are set to rise.

Yesterday I played Sam, the rather good squash player who smiles an awful lot, and was appropriately trounced. Nobody else showed up – Ted had done his ankle, Roland’s knees were kaput, and the multitude of others made their multitutes of excuses. Still, I managed to beat him twice. He much prefers to toy with the opponent than go for the kill shot, even when he’s losing.

Mutter mutter. Stupid thing is still outputting ground noise, even when everything but the minidisc recorder is turned off, and most of the equipment unplugged. Bloody electronics, I’m glad I became a computer programmer.

Four presses of the snooze button this morning. I keep going to sleep vowing to leap out of bed the moment the alarm rings, and then wake up vowing never to make such threats again, and going back to my lovely dreams. Which were very odd last night – something about a giant sapphire stalactite that I managed to break (thus discovering that it was made of sapphire). Very boys-own adventure, with a bit of creeping horror in the form of the Balrog.

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