Lazy Day

May 20th 2002 -

You’d think that with the kind of lazy day and weekend that I’ve just had, I wouldn’t bother posting to tell you about it, wouldn’t you? None the less, very little to report. I went over to Jon & Kate’s place last night and recorded a better voice-over for Jon’s short film “When Doctors Collide”, watched another amateur Dr Who film whose name I fortunately cannot remember because I therefore cannot slander anyone by pointing out that it was divinely dire. I mean, really, inspiredly, horrible, in a kind of Lucas way. By which I mean, just as Lucas’ badness has caused his older films to be retroactively worse that they were, so too does this amateur’s film drag down all amateur productions. I’m feeling kind of soiled by it.

Um, having ripped into this anonymous fillum, I can’t really give many specific ways in which it was so awful. There were some obvious bits. The sound was poor. The camera was jerky, and they *really should* have used a tripod when they wanted to overlay static images on the frame, eg. when they want to show a TARDIS that they haven’t actually built. Otherwise it kind of hovers there, like something stuck to the camera (which, in a way, it is). The editing was sloppy, so that there were second-gaps between lines of dialogue where there should be nothing at all. Continuity was messy. One of the actresses clearly thought that she had tremendous sex-appeal and was given lines to suit. Other actors were wildly optimistic about their abilities. Half-way through, they appear to have discovered the joys of amusing transitions.

But… well, it was ambitious. It was trying for something. The fact that it wasn’t original or interesting is beside the point – that may come later. It’s always nice to see ambition, even when the result falls wincingly short.

End of work
I finished off teaching Raman on Friday. Now I just have the support calls and a day of support next Friday, and I’m done. I already have the money, and a very nice little package it is too. If I can somehow avoid spending it all, that moves my “officially losing money” point into late September.

I taught a bunch of people to juggle at Friday lunch time. It was fun. We had quite a large turnout, the weather turned it on, I practices clubs and five balls and pois and remembered that juggling really is fun.

Didn’t set the alarm this morning, and woke at about 11:00am. Wandered around for a while, then suddenly got a nice burst of adrenaline remembering that I’d arranged to meet John Dalton for a game of Royal Tennis at 10:00am. Aargh! He called and forgave me, and I’ll try for a lesson tomorrow (John ended up doing a lesson – it’s rather complicated) so that we can play properly next week.

I’ve been practicing a lot more, and Chris was quite happy with the progress – I was much relieved, as I was getting very sick of the piece I’d been practicing. It’s one of those ones that sounds boring at the pace I can do it easily, and terrific at a pace that’s slightly above what I’m capable of. But I’ve got the fingering OK now, and Chris has judged that it’s just repetition to get it to that stage now, so I can get on and learn something new. Yay! I’ve got a keen urge to learn Eric Satie’s Gymnopodie #1, which is a lovely slow melody (you may know it as the song “Drifting, Dreaming”). Something to play to Anna when she’s going to sleep.

Anna isn’t back yet. Still no word as to when she’s arriving home. I miss her.

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