April 2nd 2001 -

That was a pretty busy two weeks… busy with being sick, mostly, but in there was also a house-warming – 40 person fun, with pool-playing, short-film-watching, craptacular BBQ action, and more Greek fooooood than you could shake a kebab at. And there were some spectacularly helpful people to help with setting up and tidying away. Thanks in particular, Fiona! And also Dave and Jimbo and Simon. No, really. And Anna’s friend Irene for her zombie-like but completist washing-up frenzy at about 3:00am.

“You can stop now, Irene, go to sleep”

“I’m… just… about… done…”

“No really, we’d like to sleep too.”

“Just… one… more… plate…”

And thanks everyone for coming along and making it an extra cool time!

Massage message
Anna’s massage business has been steadily ticking over for the last two weeks. There are about two massages a day at the moment, and the word is slowly getting around. The Hilton still hasn’t gotten back to her, but she’s getting a lot of success with a special lunctime offer for half-hour and quarter-hour massages. Soon they’ll have some five-minute discount massages available, and then I predict we’ll see an end to financial difficulties for the next year or so…

Playstation 2
I got a small payrise, but the backdate was long enough that I could suddenly afford a Playstation 2 and a bunch o’ games. So why the hell not? I bought it last Wednesday along with Tekkon Tag Team and Ridge Racer 5. Tekkon is cool, but my god there are a lot of moves and combos. I suppose it’s the legacy of being the latest in a long-running series, but I really wouldn’t be surprised if one of the characters had a “Kitchen Sink” move. Anyway, I’ve made a start on learning the moves for one of the characters – Jun – and at least it has an optional one-on-one game mode.

The PS2 also comes with a DVD player, so I’ve been taking advantage of that, too. Anna’s brothers have a vast DVD collection, and I bought two DVDs too: “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” and “Baraka”, two films that I have no doubt I’ll see more than once. I’m hungry to watch films with director’s commentary turned on. I watched some of “Three Kings” that way last year, and it was way cool.

And then I bought SSX, a snowboarding sim. Lot of fun. Makes me want to go skiing again.

Otherwise, a nice relaxing couple of weeks with a miserable cold in the middle of it. No work on short films, except that I think I’ve managed to get the flat rented out to someone, so that’s *definitely* the end of filming Bullet Hole when that happens, regardless of what the footage is like.

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