Moved Out

April 9th 2001 -

I finished the move on Saturday. The steam cleaner came, I got rid of all the weird skid marks on the walls – some were definitely caused by the guitar case, but what the hell is that one about two metres up? What was I *doing*? – and I cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom. Next I return the keys and they do the inspection and it’s all over this Thursday. Yay! The flat is dead! Long live the new house! With lots of new junk.

Playstation 2
Ted & I played playstation games in lieu of going for a bikeride on Saturday morning. On the bright side, all the games we played were very active – we did some tag-team fightin’, some competitive snowboardin’, and some race-car drivin’. Would suggesting that they count as exercise be a tired and somewhat lame heheh excuse for feeble humour? Who cares? *I’ve* got a playstation.

Anna and I saw “Memento” last night. It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen, and once again, it comes down to the script. Fast, subversive, always a couple of steps ahead, and very, very smart. This is the kind of film that makes me dream about film-making (which I did last night and the night before, for that matter – something about an enormous circus tent and a huge crowd of extras and amazing camera-work and lighting all coming together in just a weekend where we decided “what the hell, let’s film something” and started doing some workshops on improvisation…) It’s the kind of film that I want to make. It has serious things to say about the human condition and just falls on the right side of pretentiousness. It has kick-arse acting. It made me think, and is still making me think. It has enthused me even more about making “Swap”, especially because Memento had Guy Pearce in it (and brilliant), who was also in “Dating the Enemy”, a rather insipid Australian film that inspired me to write (what I have written so far about) “Swap”. Rave!

Anna’s business looks likely to take a turn for the better – the Hilton referred a guest to Energetic Healing and the guest was very happy indeed. More business from them this week? We’ll see.

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