More errands

April 10th 2001 -

What makes me think that you’d be interested in a list of the errands that I have to do tomorrow? Perhaps it is the fact that you’re reading this blog in the first place, which by track record tends to contain this kind of thing. So if you’re tuning in for the first time, and don’t like lists of things that someone else is doing, tune right out again by all means, and certainly no hard feelings.
It’s not as if I can trace who you are, is it? Not as if there’s a real person behind this writing, watching as you read. Filling you up with my boring but expensive semi-memes, and complaining all the while about the price of thought nowadays and what’s the government going to do with it? Does the Middle-East have a monopoly on stories? What about the Arabian Nights? Huh? Ya ever think about that? Ya ever think about someone else for a change? Ya ever think about me?

I think about you all the time.

Yes, well let’s not get into that.

So what’s on this list?

Well, there’s the old “getting quotes on the car repair tomorrow morning”.

A classic. That’s from the old “having a minor prang in which you stopped because there was a car ahead of you turning right, but the car behind failed to stop quite in time and now there’s a bit of a dent in the rear bumper of Anna’s car, and by the way that was on the day of the final filming of ‘Bullet Hole’ which was filmed at my old flat leading me nicely into the next errand on the list”, isn’t it?

Quite. The next errand on the list is, “get the keys of the now empty flat to the landlord”. This is a bit of a cheat though.

That’s because you’ve already done this one, haven’t you.

Quite correct, yes. However, the list would be fairly thin without it. Hardly a list at all.

So – the next item?

There are no more items. Oh, there’s “Play on the PS2, thus getting your money’s worth”. That’s a bit of a chore. And there’s “Send some flowers to Mum for her birthday and call her up tonight”, but I’ve already done half of that.

Still, it contributes more to the list that the previous couple of items. Shall we leave it at that?

Why not.

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