Old blog

April 17th 2001 -

This old blog. I wrote one.
I pressed “publish” ad nausium.
With a small crash, big crash, backup on the go,
this old blog stayed incognito.

But now blogger seems to be working, so here ya go. It’s from Thursday.

I have sorted it out. I’m definitely awake. The trains were running verrrry slowly today and it took me a while to get to work – but I did get here in the end, so that’s a bit of a giveaway. If it was a dream, I’d still be on the train, either trapped with a homocidal maniac or possibly going into a tunnel.

Still, if I’m awake, there are still some puzzles. Why did my dream-log from yesterday appear in my waking life? And why did I have to run through a big vat of treacle pursued by lions on snowshoes to open the front door of the office building, which was normally powered by giant intelligent rats (lead by magicrat, who it has to be admitted, is over-rat-ted), but who had escaped into the air conditioning? At least the air conditioning is cool now. Normally it would slightly warmer than room temperature in Summer, but now that the temperature outside is brisk, it has gone out of its way to correct the deficiency of high summer and has delivered us balmy ten degree interior weather. Carlos, my evil next-desk worker, has killed Pierre, and is now wearing his skin for warmth. If I was still dreaming, this would be disturbing, as Pierre is supposed to be my good side.

Gosh, it has slightly crept up on me. And I don’t really have any plans, either, which is a bit foolish. Most friends are disappearing for the weekend, so I guess Anna and I can catch up on some snuggling. And maybe we can go to some parties and watch lots of DVDs and chill out for a few days, away from the stresses of respective works.

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