Time out

January 13th 2016 -

Yesterday marked my first day back from holidays (company: excellent. Weather: awful) in which I was at home alone left to my own devices. I used the time wisely by having dental surgery to push back the gum of my broken tooth so that a crown could get put in, and then sensibly spent the rest of the day feeling pathetic.

Today, however! I still did very little of consequence. I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a Goldfish Cube article, and I finally started it yesterday afternoon and continued it today. I started getting passport forms filled out for our trip to Hong Kong later in the year. I played guitar and had a nice nap.

…and that’s it for today! Time to go and pick up the girls. Still on the TODO list: work on my “Can’t stop shooting” game, get my CV together, do some more python programming examples from checkio.org, start some of the programming examples on Rosalind, do some research into the python Maya framework (coding in python for movies? Sounds cool!), do something in ElasticSearch, finish the Goldfish Cube article, and oh look I’ve run out of time even writing this list down.

I will endeavor to write something down every work day here, just to ensure I do *something*.

4 Responses a “Time out”

  1. Dr Clam Says:

    Wow! None of the things on your to do list – except for ‘pick up the girls, and oh, I guess, the CV thing ;) – make any sense to me at all. I spent the holidays translating a play (badly) from 17th Spanish and am making some 2-((butylsulfanyl)carbonothioyl)sulfanylpropanoic acid (fingers crossed!) as we speak. While I’m here I thought I would ask again if you are interested in beta-reading that project you were encouraging about a decade and a half or so back? It is tiny and timid compared to the great epic poem of the Kirgiz people, Lexifab can confirm.

  2. Dr Clam Says:

    I will endeavor to write something down every work day here, just to ensure I do *something*.

    Just to let you know this is currently leading my 2016 table of ‘resolutions that have most rapidly crashed and burned’. :)

    Or was yesterday a public holiday in Sydney?

    The NMR of the crude 2-((butylsulfanyl)carbonothioyl)sulfanylpropanoic acid looks really good. And the incredibly vile reek involved hasn’t escaped from my lab to the rest of the building, knock wood.

  3. andrew Says:

    It’s not called New Year’s ENDEAVORS Chris

  4. Dr Clam Says:

    Remember, success requires that you put the ‘U’ in ‘Endeavour’ ~ ;)

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