Resolution: cloudy

December 22nd 2015 -

I hereby resolve that although allocating time in half-hours is a good thing and helpful in avoiding procrastination, the additional sneaky requirement that I start these half-hour tasks on a half-hour boundary is both unnecessary and procrastination’s way of ensuring I don’t get things done.

Today’s half hour tasks: guitar, CV, Silent Shinobi Rules, chores, exercise.

2 Responses a “Resolution: cloudy”

  1. Dr Clam Says:

    Ooh, what sort of systems are you doing Cyclic Voltammetry on? I have never really understood the method, alas.

  2. Lexifab Says:

    Chris, don’t be silly.

    CV stands for Contemplate Voltron, as all right-thinking, emotionally-centered persons make time to do amid even the busiest of schedules.

    Mmmm. I think the green one is the best lion.

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