Almost over

November 29th 2003 -

Almost over
Ah… the pain of the National Novel Writing Month is almost over. I have achieved the 50k words, though I got nowhere near the 90k I was hoping for with 3k per day. In retrospect, the novel was far too complicated to manage that without it going even further off the rails than it did.

It was great. I’ve learned a lot in the past month. I’m definitely doing this again next year.

In the meantime, I’ve got a little further to get today and tomorrow: if the words flow well, I might get to about 65k.

What now?
As far as Fork is concerned, I think I’m gonna have to finish off the first draft over the next couple of months. Dave is in a similar position with “Bard Wars”, so we’ll be able to gripe away at each other.

There are also other matters, like putting together the Spit albums before Christmas and editing “A Lotus Blossoms in the Monastery Garden”. The former should be easy and fun, and I’m weirdly ready to get back to work on the latter: although it has been a long time since I was working on the first draft – a year – even when I was working on it in September I felt a little too close to it. I think working on Fork might have helped with that. I know what’s to be done, and I’m much more ready for it.

Return of the King
I had a strange dream about this last night. I was in some way working on the project, or possibly related to Peter Jackson, and I was rather skeptical about the modern-day segment they had at the end of the film to replace “The Scouring of the Shire”, and I was trying to find Peter Jackson to tell him about my concerns. Then I suddenly realised that the impact of these modern-day scenes – which showed the main characters, happy but old, in retirement villages in suburban Sydney – was actually pretty neat. The scouring of the shire stuff seemed too melodramatic, and so the more gentle, banal finish to the characters was devistatingly real and added a wonderful bouquet of complexity to the films.

Belly Dancing
I didn’t go to the belly-dancing competition, but I did meet up with Chris T. and Polly and Nola who were going, with Anna. And they had a jolly good time, or so it is written. Meeting up with them was excellent as well: I had been procrastinating all day on doing any writing and had gotten very depressed about it all, and they cheered me up a lot so that I ended up writing 3000 words between 8:30pm and 1:30am, which is as fast as I’ve done any of this year’s writing.

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  1. Lexifab Says:

    And as at 11 pm on 29 November, 2003, it’s done. Or at least the 50000 words are. Yay!

  2. Andrew Says:


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