Day off

November 27th 2003 -

Day off
I took yesterday off (!) to do some writing, after a couple of slack days. It was very, very slow work. I managed just under 5k words in the end, but most of that came in the evening. I was sitting at the computer – no internet access, no games – for much of the day without getting much writing done, because I kept getting distracted into touching up the plot.

I ended up making a lot of modifications to Chapter 13 – it’s about twice as long as it was before – and finally put up the 7k Chapter 14. I think I can safely say that I won’t get all the way through the plot, as the final event of Chapter 14 marks the half-way point.

World: 234
Australia: 12
Sydney: 2

I didn’t manage to get much novelling done on Tuesday or Monday because I was hard at work making and editing a short film for a presentation at work. I was very pleased with the result, and it went down a treat. Happy.

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  1. Lexifab Says:

    The only time I’ve managed much over 2000 words in a day was when I stayed home from work and just hammered at it on and off all day. But the word count rate of return on a day off doesn’t seem to be very high, does it? Compare 2000 or so words in a three-hour stint in the evening to 4500 or so in a full day. And weekend are no good, there’s always something on.

    I may need a bit more empirical evidence than one sickie, mind you.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Yup. Last year I managed 9k on the last Friday, which I took off. I guess it was easy because the plot at that point was very straightforward and I knew what my endpoint was.

    Even so – I’ve only managed just over half that, this year. This time, I’ve needed big gaps of thinking time between each chapter to sort through the logic of what’s happening.

  3. linbot Says:

    Dude, everytime I come here and see that you’ve made progress writing, I’m all, Ooh, must catch up on the Nov (I’ve only read the first little bit, though, so opinions still forthcoming)… and then I click on the Fiction link and stare forlornly at the tremendously annoying library page, wholly unable to find your story or indeed anything. How big are the stories? Who wrote them? What are they about? (How many *are* there, anyway? What’s been updated lately? Do any of them have any adult content warnings?)

    Alas, none of these details are available. My time reading fanfic has made me extremely loathe to just jump in and start reading knowing nothing more than the title of the story.

    Please provide a link to Fork, as I like it. Ta!

  4. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been avoiding linking to the novel, because I’m assured that it makes it much harder for the novel to get hypothetically published in the future if a draft of it already exists on the web in a publically accessable area – ie. if there are links to it.
    So, um, I’ll email you the link. I’m thinking of doing this properly at some point, having a password-controlled area of otherleg, but, y’know, lazy.

  5. baddogbot Says:

    i wonder… is it perhaps possible that time reading fanfic might lead one to envisage a work called (ahem) *Fork* to be concerned with matters other than the matters about which it is in fact concerned?

    might one envisage, for example, a novel about country matters?

    "oh doctor! talk about *time* & *relative dimensions* in *space*!"

    personally, i’m waiting for the anime version…

  6. Lexifab Says:

    Because you demanded it:

    There are probably too many mid-90’s rec.arts.drwho in-jokes, and I’m sure my bit is the most painfully unfunny writing imaginable, but it’s pretty much per requirements…

  7. baddogbot Says:

    demanded is such a strong word…

  8. Andrew Says:

    Oh dear god. This has just killed today’s wordcount.

    Not that I was doing particularly well, anyway. Today’s procrastinating activity has been extreme.

  9. baddogbot Says:

    woah, dude!

    extreeeeme procrastination!

    oh yeah! oh *yeah*!!!

  10. Lexifab Says:

    Punk’d! Lameass!

    And you *really* shouldn’t read it. Although the Dalek poetry in (I think) Chapter 7 is pretty frigging hilarious.

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