Progress: Better

November 22nd 2003 -

Progress: Better
I managed some pretty decent writing progress yesterday – 5000 words, the most I’ve managed in one day on Fork. I didn’t advance the plot terribly far, but it was nice to be writing and momentarily lose myself in what I was doing without checking my wordcount-so-far every hundred words.

However, I really have no idea what I’m doing today. Or rather, the plot calls for me to do something that I don’t think I can justify any more, and I’m not sure whether I want to do it anyway. If I don’t do it, though, it’s going to lead to further plot complications and god-knows-where. So I’ve been delaying today’s writing.

World: 431
Australia: 20
Sydney: 4

Slight drops in world and Sydney rankings thanks to Thursday’s very poor effort. I did 500 words at lunchtime and then none at all in the evening – Dad arrived and we chatted and drank wine, and well, that was that.

Anyway. I’d better go and do something about today’s wordcount. Lachlan came over today and we chatted about the short film we’re shooting on Wednesday (and for which I’m taking the day off) and he invited us to a party tonight. It’s a costume party with the theme “porn star.” On the other hand, he’s showing the rugby world cup final.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure who to support. Australia beat NZ and are therefore bastards, but England has been rather boring so far. Mum & Dad have tickets for the final thanks to a cousin in high positions.

The Two Towers: Extended Edition
Finally, after watching the Extended Edition, I like The Two Towers. I was a bit dubious about it when I first saw it in the cinemas. The Farimir bit seemed a bit odd, and Helm’s Deep, while spectacular, seemed to have some striking design flaws. The entrance, for example, had no drawbridge, and a gate that didn’t appear to be very reinforced.
When I saw it the second time I liked it a lot more, but it didn’t really grab me in the same way as Fellowship. Now that I’ve seen the Extended Edition, it has finally completely won me over.

2 Responses a “Progress: Better”

  1. dogbot Says:

    for extra points — name the now defunct(?) boy band who had an international smash hit with their catchy number, "deep deep (helm’s deep) down"…

    design flaws? helm’s deep? that would be the impenetrable fortress with the handy-dandy Insert Fire of Orthanc Here culvert running under the middle of the wall, mmmm?

    weirdly enough — it’s been a while since i’ve seen ttt, but from what i recall — the design of helm’s deep is pretty much spot on to what’s described in the book… which probably just goes to show why 9 out of 10 feudal lords agree that linguists shouldn’t be hired to design castles…

    don’t get me started on what the films have done to faramir… just. don’t. get. me. started. grrr.

    i think my favourite helm’s deep-related part of ttt was when glandalf turned up with wozzizface & the rest of the riders of rohan & they did their exciting plunge on horseback down the nigh-vertical cliff onto the spears of the orcs… a move which could, of course, only ever result in victory…

    as for who to support in the rugby, the answer must surely be anime…

  2. Andrew Says:

    In one of the documentaries, the writers made a spirited defence of the changes to Farimir’s character. Pretty interesting, and it went a fair way to convincing me… although they reckon it’s the context of the third film that will hopefully really justify what they’ve done.

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