October 28th 2015 -

I was made redundant yesterday. I was somewhat expecting it (I put the odds at 50%, which was probably about right at the time), and the fact I’ve been at CiSRA since 2002 gives me a nice payout. So I’m not too sad, except that I’ll miss seeing my work friends every day.

Also, it’ll make finishing Darths & Droids just that little bit more annoying.

5 Responses a “Redundant”

  1. Kate Says:

    Woah dude! Any plans?

  2. andrew Says:

    The redundancy is final in December, so I’ll wait until January to look for work. Meanwhile, I’ll get my CV into shape and make sure I’m up on my web technologies, maybe do a project or two. Or make an iPhone game! I could work on “Can’t stop shooting” some more, make some more levels and make the game actually enjoyable to play.

  3. Dr Clam Says:

    That’s too bad, I’m sorry to hear it :(

    I had dropped by to ask if you had any interest in beta reading, since an inordinately large project you were encouraging about in 1999 (but have probably forgotten) is nearing completion. [looks very “glass half full”…]

  4. Lexifab Says:

    Agh, sorry to hear it. Will give you a call soon!

  5. Marco Parigi Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Sorry to hear about that. I also had a side project I thought you might be interested in. I had sent some details using Facebook messenger. Haven’t sent you an email in probably almost 6 years –

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