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July 1st 2014 -

Darn. At my wedding, Evan and Dave (joint best man) gave a brilliant speech that was simultaneously a roasting, and heartfelt and lovely. But I distinctly remember the call-response form: Evan said “Andrew was the first person I knew to start a weblog” and Dave added “…that doesn’t get updated for months at a time.”
While the sentiment is accurate (“Shellsyed” means “to have an ambitious project about which a person talks for months and months but thereafter is never heard from again”), June was the first month in the history of this blog I haven’t written *something* at least.
Anyway, I’ve been working on multiple projects, including one that I most definitely cannot talk about, and it’s all been very exciting but a little tiring.
Also, Jade & Clara have been extra cute. Clara’s vocabulary has increased to include “nana” for banana, “daddy!”, “mama”, “bubble!”, “bapple”, “‘loon” for balloon, and a rough approximation of “yong tsa gut!”, meaning “spear with fork” in Cantonese which she uses whenever she spears a piece of apple to eat it. She also dearly loves to sing the first few bars of “Let It Go”, as does Jade. Jade’s totally into her music lessons, and sings and dances everywhere.

5 Responses a “Missed an update”

  1. Dave Says:

    …hmm, yeah, that sounds like me, calling the kettle black from over y’ar in Pot Town. I’m struggling to keep to a once a month schedule, and that’s with being 100% unemployed right now.

    Lots of projects is a good thing, even if it does make you tired and junk. I trust you’ve got exciting stuff in the pipeline?

    Also, what the heck is it about that song? My kids sing it all the time too, and one of them hasn’t even seen the movie.

  2. Marco Says:

    The way you’re going you’ll miss august as well!

  3. Chris Fellows Says:

    Hiya Androoo me old pal! I know you aren’t a greenhouse skeptic like me, but I am confident you are still a complementary medicine skeptic in the Martin Gardner/Tim Minchin tradition. Would you be interested in proofing/critiquing a polemic I have written in response to an infuriating article written by one of the complementary medicine people here, before I submit it? (Cos’ I am not sure what your email is these days… you should be able to find mine way easily through the wonders of the interwebs if you are interested)

  4. andrew Says:

    My old Otherleg email will still reach me. I’ll have a look at the article, but can’t promise a timely response!

  5. Chris Fellows Says:

    *looks hopeful*

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