April 15th 2014 -

I finally got around to looking up my Erdos number today.

It’s 7, via “Evaluation of a model based data fusion algorithm with multi-mode OTHR data”, I.W. Dall, A.J. Shellshear

then from Dr. Dall to:
Douglas J. Kewley
Martin G. Oxenham
Mark R. Morelande
Marcus Brazil
Nicholas Wormald
Paul Erd?s.

My Bacon number is four: “Bullet Hole”, Jonathan Blum, “Isobel & The Patissier”, Michael Cristian Greene, “Spring Break ’83”, Erik Estrada, “We Married Margo”, Kevin Bacon.

My Sabbath number is seven:

(7) Andrew Shellshear
(6) Evan Dean
The People People
(5) Andrew Hillhouse
The Horse You Rode In On
(4) John Turnbull
US tour
(3) The Ten Tenors
Here’s to the Heroes
(2) Richard Watkins
“Heaven on a Sunday”
(1) Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra
(0) Bev Bevan

My Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number is therefore 18.

One Response a “Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath”

  1. Dave Versace Says:

    This may be the mostly bafflingly nerdy thing I have ever seen. Congratulations on having a number of that variety

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