April 8th 2014 -

We were at a kid’s birthday party on Sunday when I pulled a klutz: I nudged a mirror with my back trying avoid people in a hallway, and the mirror fell off its hook and smashed against my back (and then the floor). My back is fine, but I did try to catch it with my hands behind my back, and now I have three stitches in the palm of my right hand.
So, some notes to my future self:
Don’t bother going to a doctor unless you’re absolutely sure they’ll do stitches. Most don’t, and if there’s the potential of glass in the wound, it’s better to get an x-ray to check.
I had a tetanus shot yesterday at 1am.
I have no adverse reactions to Cephalexin.
Bring a book if you’re going to the emergency room, as phone batteries run down fairly severely when you play games on them for three hours.

Also: I miss guitar.

3 Responses a “Unhanded”

  1. Kate Says:

    Books and hospitals: two great tastes that go great together.

  2. Jon Blum Says:

    Yowtch! I knew it was dramatic, but I didn’t know it was *that* dramatic!

    Tell you what, we’ll come over while you’re convalescing, you can play guitar with your left hand and Rupe or I will handle the right!


  3. Dave Says:

    Ouch, commiserations.

    I have long since been of the opinion that the last person you want to see if you need stitches is a typical doctor. Even the ones who do remember their basic training probably haven’t put stitches in for at least ten years. The useless bloody locum who did Connor’s forehead stitches (badly) without waiting for the (incompetently administered) anaesthetic to kick in was a case in point.

    Nurses or permanent scarring are both better options.

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