April 30th 2013 -

I can highly recommend not getting shingles. In fact, I can highly recommend seeing a doctor within 72 hours of getting any unusual large prickly rash, particularly on your stomach or face, and particularly if on the tail of stress or a cold. There’s an antiviral you can take that will reduce the severity considerably. Apparently.

Shingles really bloody hurts.I’ve got two ten-centimetre diameter rashes on the left side of my back, and more small rashes on my belly. The blisters have finally come up (after about a week) and at the moment just moving my t-shirt against the skin causes a burning prickling sensation not unlike that of a gravel rash only stronger and more insistent.
Anyway, I am actually pretty lucky, considering: no rash on my face, likelihood of nerve scarring is low (I haven’t been getting the sharp shooting pains that indicate that), and there aren’t any other dramas at home or work. I am the drama.

2 Responses a “Shingles”

  1. Kate Says:

    This sucks. Heal quick.

  2. Lexifab Says:

    Cripes, I missed this until now. Hope you’re feeling better, dude.

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