Sick, yay!

September 26th 2011 -

So, I’m working up to eating something today after a very thorough purging last night, with the excellent assistance of either a stomach bug or food poisoning. If it’s the former, it’s probably what Jade had on Friday night after we got back from the CiSRA puzzle dinner. She vomited copiously and with an excellent spray pattern, a couple of times through the night. And that’s exactly what I did last night, so that’s a datum.
However, she did not have the diarrhea. So perhaps it was the laksa I had for lunch yesterday, possibly exacerbated by the coq au vin we had last night.

3 Responses a “Sick, yay!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ow, sounds truly terrible :(

    You need a ‘TMI’ category on the right. IMHO.

  2. Dave Says:

    There seems to be a high correlation between your Otherleg posts and ill health.

    Hope you’re all doing better today.

  3. Marrickville Catherine Says:

    Kind of grateful there wasn’t a graphic description of the diarrhoea. Although after the number of recent nappy changes, 4 days of a toddler diarrhoea (which I could elaborate on but will hold back) and a baby that may have lactose intolerance that acts up when I drink milk, I suspect I would have read with interest, nodding quietly in appreciation.

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