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September 16th 2011 -

Well, it has definitely hit the time when I’m not working on the game much, so I’ll set a deadline and release what I’ve done at that point. The tentative deadline is one month from now which, given my current rate of progress, will be enough to unbreak what I’ve broken.
Meanwhile, the only project which is really taking “game writing” time is playing guitar. I’m doing a lot of that. I started learning Leo Brouwer’s Cancion de Cuna, which is a particularly lovely drop-D tune, and I’ve been getting Albeniz’ Asturias, Granados’ La Maja de Goya, and Tarrega’s Recuerdos De La Alhambra into rough shape. Very rough shape. Heaps of fun, though. My plan is to record some of my easier pieces on youtube, and perhaps update them as I improve.

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