Fully sick

May 23rd 2011 -

You know how this weblog is now just a way of documenting the many illnesses going around the family? Jade has mostly gotten over her cough, but Von has a very sore throat (she was unable to speak for a few days last week) and I can feel the same thing coming on. Jade was sent back from daycare with gastro, which then passed to Von.

I definitely feel more fortunate – however, I did break a large chunk of molar (about a quarter of the tooth) leaving some quite sharp bits, and wasn’t able to get to my dentist for a whole week, so much of last week was spent lisping due to my lacerated tongue.

And yet… it was okay. None of our illnesses were serious, the tooth was easily repaired without pain or injections, and Jade was happy and saying “Ma ma ma ma ma”, and waving and doing the most amazingly cute head tilt.

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