phpmyadmin not showing database tables

February 2nd 2011 -

This is a note to my future self. If at any point you log into mysqladmin and find all your databases missing with no error message (while still being accessible by your programs), you have simply typed a wrong but valid password. You see, you can have multiple passwords that give you different levels of access in mysqladmin.

This may save you enormous amounts of grief if you consult your own weblog history instead of trawling the internet for “phpmyadmin database missing” etc. It may also save you from having to completely rebuild the databases from a very old, out of date backup.

Also, back up your databases more often.

Anyway, hope everything is going well. Hi Jade!

One Response a “phpmyadmin not showing database tables”

  1. Kelli Says:

    My current self would really like to thank your future self (or maybe current self since this is from 2011). Only got upset about this one for a little bit until I found your post! :)

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