August 4th 2009 -

We’ve chosen the new carpet (it’s blue) and it’s being installed on Thursday. As ex-neighbour Catherine points out, we really ought to do somethign with the old carpet, like have a mud party or at least a housewarming, but it’d have to be tomorrow, and, uh, that’s not gonna work.

I’m taking Thursday off in order to hang around the house while the carpets are being done and the pool table is installed in the garage (which, as it turns out, is very awkward to park the car in even without a pool table), and clean the kitchen in readiness for the move next Saturday.

We did more exploring of the house on the weekend and last night, and chatted with the very friendly neighbours on one side. It seems that the house was originally an art union lottery prize. And one reason the previous owners left was that the pool maintenance got too much for them, which is a little alarming. On the bright side, the garden doesn’t seem to need much watering.

Meanwhile, back at work, the lunchtime gang did a magic mini booster tournament at lunch today, using decks constructed from three of each land and an unseen booster of M10. Good fun, and it seems more powerful than previous base sets. Also, really nice to play with cards that would normally be completely ignored, eg. Telepathy.

2 Responses a “Exploring”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Hire a pool cleaner?…or a neighbours kid, which might be cheaper

  2. Dave Says:

    Pool maintenance isn’t hard, as long as it’s not neglected. There’s a tipping point after which it requires heavy doses of chemicals and scrubbing, or replacement pump parts.

    On the plus side, pool cleaners get all the girls, according to this movie I was in once.

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