October 13th 2008 -

It has been somewhat remiss of me to not mention Mezzacotta until now. It’s a project that the lunchtime gang have been working on for the last four months, after deciding that we really have too many half-baked ideas not to be sharing them all.

So, Mezzacotta will be collecting all of these crazy schemes. The webcomic up there is the first of them, and it uses my favorite web technology: SVG. The work on the webcomic was mostly Mr McLeish and Mr Morgan-Mar, so I think I can be free to say that it really looks fantastic. Not only the comic, but the whole experience is well designed.

Also, it has a truly amazing archive.

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  1. Marco Says:

    I was just talking to dr. clam about parallel universes, and I just realised he probably hasn’t read Fork! Is it possible to get us a link to it again?

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