Origin of the surname Shellshear

According to heraldicexpress.com:

The surname SHELLSHEAR is of Germanic origin. The name is recorded in the former State of Prussia as “SCHELCHER” derived from SCHELEICHER, a nickname for a quiet person. Variant spellings of the name include SHELLSHEERE, SHELSHER and SHELSHIER.

Early references to the name mention Anthony Shellsheere 1693 in London, Elizabeth Shellshear 1792 and David Shelsher christened at St. Saviours in Southwark in 1786. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Shellshear, which was dated 1686, married Elizabeth Portington at St. Katherines by the Tower, London.

A coat of Arms associated with the surname Shellshear has been found:

ARMS: Argent a lion rampant sable between two dexter hands in chief and in base a mullet gules.
CREST: A cubit arm encircled with a ducal coronet or grasping a dagger proper.
MOTTO: OMNE SOLUM FORTI PATRIA (Every land is a native country to a brave man)

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