Anotherblog is mostly a day-to-day diary of Andrew Shellshear’s life, for the interest of family and friends. If you don’t know him, it’s probably rather dull. For that matter, even if you do it’s still probably pretty dull. Don’t tell him. Andrew thinks that he really ought to be famous, and he has plans for becoming so, although they are unlikely to ever come to fruition because he is both lazy, and afraid that his plans aren’t quite good enough, and are thus better as daydreams.

To tell the truth, I think he’d be quite content with a very small amount of fame: publication of a book in a small press, or to have written and directed an amateur film, or for Film Forensics to achieve a moderate readership, or for Spit to attract an unreasonably large audience. If something easier comes along, though, he’d appreciate it – saving the life of somebody famous (with no real risk to himself), or being recognised as a minor weather god: that’d be perfect.

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