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Darn. At my wedding, Evan and Dave (joint best man) gave a brilliant speech that was simultaneously a roasting, and heartfelt and lovely. But I distinctly remember the call-response form: Evan said “Andrew was the first person I knew to start a weblog” and Dave added “…that doesn’t get updated for months at a time.”
While the sentiment is accurate (“Shellsyed” means “to have an ambitious project about which a person talks for months and months but thereafter is never heard from again”), June was the first month in the history of this blog I haven’t written *something* at least.
Anyway, I’ve been working on multiple projects, including one that I most definitely cannot talk about, and it’s all been very exciting but a little tiring.
Also, Jade & Clara have been extra cute. Clara’s vocabulary has increased to include “nana” for banana, “daddy!”, “mama”, “bubble!”, “bapple”, “‘loon” for balloon, and a rough approximation of “yong tsa gut!”, meaning “spear with fork” in Cantonese which she uses whenever she spears a piece of apple to eat it. She also dearly loves to sing the first few bars of “Let It Go”, as does Jade. Jade’s totally into her music lessons, and sings and dances everywhere.

MUMS puzzle hunt

May 6th 2014 · Read More · No Comments

The Irregulars are competing (as usual) in the MUMS (Melbourne Uni Mathematical Society) puzzle hunt this year, but with a Special Guest Star – David Astle (a.k.a. DA) from Letters & Numbers. We’ve only communicated via google chat thus far, but it’s still very exciting.
We’ve been doing okay so far – we solved all the puzzles on the first day, and are half-way through the second set of puzzles. We’re in 25th place, or thereabouts. I made an intuitive leap for one of the puzzles, which makes me happy: I’m more of a puzzle creator than a solver (embarrassing, I know).
Speaking of which: I’ve created three puzzles for the CiSRA hunt this year, which I’m pretty happy with.


April 15th 2014 · Read More · Comment(1)

I finally got around to looking up my Erdos number today.

It’s 7, via “Evaluation of a model based data fusion algorithm with multi-mode OTHR data”, I.W. Dall, A.J. Shellshear

then from Dr. Dall to:
Douglas J. Kewley
Martin G. Oxenham
Mark R. Morelande
Marcus Brazil
Nicholas Wormald
Paul Erd?s.

My Bacon number is four: “Bullet Hole”, Jonathan Blum, “Isobel & The Patissier”, Michael Cristian Greene, “Spring Break ’83”, Erik Estrada, “We Married Margo”, Kevin Bacon.

My Sabbath number is seven:

(7) Andrew Shellshear
(6) Evan Dean
The People People
(5) Andrew Hillhouse
The Horse You Rode In On
(4) John Turnbull
US tour
(3) The Ten Tenors
Here’s to the Heroes
(2) Richard Watkins
“Heaven on a Sunday”
(1) Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra
(0) Bev Bevan

My Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number is therefore 18.


April 8th 2014 · Read More · Comments(3)

We were at a kid’s birthday party on Sunday when I pulled a klutz: I nudged a mirror with my back trying avoid people in a hallway, and the mirror fell off its hook and smashed against my back (and then the floor). My back is fine, but I did try to catch it with my hands behind my back, and now I have three stitches in the palm of my right hand.
So, some notes to my future self:
Don’t bother going to a doctor unless you’re absolutely sure they’ll do stitches. Most don’t, and if there’s the potential of glass in the wound, it’s better to get an x-ray to check.
I had a tetanus shot yesterday at 1am.
I have no adverse reactions to Cephalexin.
Bring a book if you’re going to the emergency room, as phone batteries run down fairly severely when you play games on them for three hours.

Also: I miss guitar.

Misc updates

March 23rd 2014 · Read More · No Comments

So, more sickness from all – a cough and sore back for me, the same cough but also fevers for Jade & Clara (who has a bonus ear infection), and at the moment Von (while still getting over being sick) is at the wedding of one of her best friends. In Melbourne. It’s not bad though: the girls are sleepy and mostly content, and it’s good to experience first hand what Von has on Tuesdays.

Also! I finally got to meet Rupert Booth yesterday when Jon & Kate & Rupert came over to talk film and borrow film equipment. I’ve been a fan of Rupert’s since seeing his protoverse films many years ago, but never expected to meet him. Like David Morgan-Mar, he’s one of those people who Just Gets On With It, and has wonderful enthusiasm and spirit. So it was rather excellent meeting him and trying not to geek out.

Finally, I’ve been learning some more new pieces: Villa-Lobos’s Choro #1 (another childhood favorite) and Tarrega’s Marieta… um… ditto. My current gamut is those two pieces plus two Sor studies, Asturias (Leyenda), and Turina’s Homage to Tarrega. Deeply satisfying to play, even at half speed.

Back again

February 24th 2014 · Read More · No Comments

No, I’m not referring to my rather longer than usual absence. Rather, I injured my back again (lower back, no particular cause except general slackness and carelessness and heavy children) and have been off work for a few days lying in bed. On the bright side, I did get to do some work on a new project.
Other stuff that’s been happening: lots of guitar practice (getting some more pieces up to standard so I can put them on youtube), a couple of colds (including one I think I’m catching right now), a pleasant birthday slightly marred by my back reminding me of my mortality, and a very pleasant visit from my folks.
Stuff that has not been happening: exercise. Yike.

Hanabi Club

January 23rd 2014 · Read More · Comments Off

Hanabi is a fascinating co-operative card game. I got it and played it and came up with a meta-game: Hanabi Club.

The first (and only) rule of Hanabi Club is that we do not talk about Hanabi strategy. Not during the game, not after the game, not ever.

We’ve played Hanabi Club games a few times now. It makes for a fascinatingly reflective experience. After every game I’m bursting with desire to talk about what just happened, why I made the plays I made, what I was trying to convey with my information, what I was thinking, what strategies and conventions we could adopt. But I can’t say anything. I can only reflect, and meditate on what I have learned from the game and from the other players.

Crepuscolo Sul Mare

January 18th 2014 · Read More · No Comments

Crepuscolo Sul Mare, by Piero Umiliani. The theme for “Ocean’s Twelve”.

This is the last video I managed to record yesterday. For some reason, my video setup stopped working today. I was connecting my Canon XM2 video recorder directly to my computer and using iMovie to capture. It was allowing me to do long recording sessions and pick the best recording (and take advantage of the decent microphone on the video camera). But now it’s not working – the video camera and computer are talking to each other, but the camera is refusing to send video to the computer. Most frustrating.

And now I have a cold, too.

Study in A Minor, La Maja De Goya

January 16th 2014 · Read More · No Comments

First up: Study in A Minor, by Study in A Minor, by Matteo Carcassi. A zippy little piece. I only just noticed – looking at other people performing this piece – that there’s a repeat. So be sure you watch it twice.

Next, one of the more technically challenging pieces I regularly play (because I love it and have heard it since I was young, etc.) This is much too fast for my skill level, but then, I always play it much too fast for my skill level. It’s the curse of playing for pleasure instead of learning.


January 15th 2014 · Read More · No Comments

This is a traditional Spanish piece, arranged by Per-Olov Kindgren. It is also a good illustration of the problem with not having a guitar tutor. My tremolo (at 1:05) is totally out of control – my finger movements are much too large, restricting how quickly and accurately I can play.

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