Eavesdropper now record-breaking

October 5th 2017 · Read More · Comment(1)

So, my previous attempt at a webcomic lasted 16 strips. Eavesdropper now has 17 strips, and there’s more in the buffer. 

The big difference is this time I have a collaborator, the indefatigable David Morgan-Mar, who as far as I can tell has never missed a delivery target of anything in his life (his Irregular Webcomic was particularly ironically named). 

Also! We’re getting perilously close to the point where the plot kicks it up a notch.

A new project: Eavesdropper

June 14th 2017 · Read More · No Comments

I’ve been working on a new project, and it’s now live:



October 17th 2016 · Read More · Comment(1)

So, my job is at a place called wargaming.net – they make a bunch of games based around a MMORPG server technology, including World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes (the company is also responsible for the reboot of Masters of Orion, though that doesn’t use the server tech I’m working on). It’s pretty cool, all C++ and python in an Agile environment, cool people in small teams. I’m still in my probationary period.

Also! I have glasses now. It took a while to get used to them. For the first week when I walked around outside I had the unnerving impression I was about half my height. And everything warped weirdly in the edges of my vision. I’m used to it now, but I can still get the opposite effect walking around without glasses, so that’s exciting.

Got a job!

August 11th 2016 · Read More · Comments(2)

After a concentrated period of interviewing and studying, I have a job. It’s in the computer games industry, and I’m super happy. They seem really nice, and the job seems really cool.

Now I have a week of relaxing before I start. Gonna play their games until my eyes hurt (which to be honest won’t take long; I have astigmatism and need glasses now).


Back on the hunt

May 27th 2016 · Read More · No Comments

Looks like the contract in my new job is going to max out at six weeks – it’s a small company, and can’t afford more than two full-time developers. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks though, I’ve learned heaps and contributed some pretty cool stuff.

Time to update the CV and start putting out applications again!


New job

May 16th 2016 · Read More · Comments(3)

I have a new job.

Actually, I have two jobs at the moment (it’s okay, they both know about each other). I’m tutoring at UNSW in their first-year computing course on Tuesdays, and working at a tiny start-up called AirShr on other days. I’ve been there for a week and a half, still learning the ropes. It’s just a one month contract (a.k.a. a trial period) at the moment, so we’ll see in another couple of weeks.

Cryptic Crosswords

January 31st 2016 · Read More · Comments(2)

I’ve just finished my first cryptic crossword, the third one out of a book (“Puzzle People Cryptic Crosswords #120”). I’m getting a little hooked.

It all started with David Astle’s book “Puzzled”, which I got after he’d joined the lunchtime gang’s puzzle team for SUMS in 2014. A couple of friends are quite into cryptics (David K, David C, Geoff B) and whenever we’ve done puzzle competitions I’ve left the cryptic style stuff to them, and with David Astle on the team that year I just listened in amazement. Anyway, his book was very interesting, but as has been the way of things in the past five years, I read the first chapter and put it down and didn’t get back to it.

Then I talked to one of Von’s co-workers who’d just taken up cryptics, and suddenly decided to push on. Serendipitously, I went to Newcastle on holidays recently with some friends, one of whom was quite into cryptics. We solved a cryptic puzzle together (using an app “Conspire” to keep track), and I continued powering through “Puzzled” and now… this may be a habit.

Newcastle trip

January 27th 2016 · Read More · No Comments

Had a rather lovely trip to Newcastle, so much cooler and more interesting that I expected that we ended up staying an extra day, and there were many tears etc. from Jade & Clara upon leaving.

Also chatted with many people from Von’s work for their multicultural day, and got enthused again about the screenplay I wrote a few years ago. Once I’ve finished writing up the rules and current iteration of cards for Silent Shinobi, I’ve penciled in some time for redoing the outline and a couple of pages.

Getting organised

January 15th 2016 · Read More · No Comments

Von showed me a nifty organisation tool called “Trello”, which I started using to manage my TODO list today. So that’s nice. Otherwise, I, uh, baked a sticky date pudding today? And did some shopping, and did some passport wrangling, some Darths & Droids writing, and guitar practice.

Not the most productive day of all, but not the least either (that would be yesterday).

Time out

January 13th 2016 · Read More · Comments(4)

Yesterday marked my first day back from holidays (company: excellent. Weather: awful) in which I was at home alone left to my own devices. I used the time wisely by having dental surgery to push back the gum of my broken tooth so that a crown could get put in, and then sensibly spent the rest of the day feeling pathetic.

Today, however! I still did very little of consequence. I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a Goldfish Cube article, and I finally started it yesterday afternoon and continued it today. I started getting passport forms filled out for our trip to Hong Kong later in the year. I played guitar and had a nice nap.

…and that’s it for today! Time to go and pick up the girls. Still on the TODO list: work on my “Can’t stop shooting” game, get my CV together, do some more python programming examples from checkio.org, start some of the programming examples on Rosalind, do some research into the python Maya framework (coding in python for movies? Sounds cool!), do something in ElasticSearch, finish the Goldfish Cube article, and oh look I’ve run out of time even writing this list down.

I will endeavor to write something down every work day here, just to ensure I do *something*.

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